Perhaps you are the owner of the property through which the construction of high-voltage lines planned by the entrepreneur is to pass, or just such a line has been on your property for many years? Or maybe there are power poles on your plot? If so  think about whether you should be entitled to compensation.

If your property has transmission devices


Devices used to supply or remove liquids, steam, gas, electricity, etc., among others, you are probably entitled to compensation for the period of using the device by the entrepreneur, which is 10 years back from to bring an action. In addition, the entrepreneur should pay you a fixed remuneration for the possibility of using the device in the future.

So you have two separate claims, which means you have two options to obtain funds for limiting your ownership. Helpful in obtaining money is the institution of transmission easement – in force since August 3, 2008 (more about the right of transmission easement can be found here.

Do you sign a transmission easement agreement with the entrepreneur?


Each entrepreneur wants a high profitability of the company, which is associated with reducing expenses, e.g. on compensation. Representatives of these companies often reach property owners by offering them an easement agreement for remuneration favorable to principals, and not necessarily to the owner of the land.

However, if you are the owner of the property on which the transmission device has been located for many years, then by signing such a contract you will lose the right to receive compensation for the years of using the land by the transmission entrepreneur (in most cases the contract contains a clause excluding the possibility of seeking compensation for non-contractual use of real estate for previous years).

Unfortunately, property owners very often agree to the entrepreneur’s offer, because they are not aware of their right to compensation or simply want to resolve the matter and regulate the legal status of the plot as soon as possible. It is worth considering before signing such a contract.

If we do not do this and we bring a claim for damages, enterprises that own transmission equipment should pay owners of encumbered real estate remuneration for non-contractual use of real estate for 10 years back from the date of filing the claim and pay for the use of the land now.

How to get compensation?

How to get compensation?

Unfortunately, the road to obtaining the compensation due to us as property owners is sometimes difficult and bumpy. The entire procedure aimed at obtaining compensation is a long process (it may take even over a year). This process may be complicated for an average citizen due to a lack of legal knowledge and appropriate tools.

However, “the game is worth the candle.” That is why it is worth turning to professional compensation companies. A company with competent employees will certainly facilitate and accelerate obtaining compensation for the use of transmission devices in your area.

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